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Torrent: Discografia completa Aerosmith 1973 até 2004 em mp3


Torrent: Discografia completa Aerosmith 1973 até 2004 em mp3

Mais um álbum em mp3, ou melhor, todos de Aerosmith. Os álbuns e musicas que você encontrará nesse torrent são:

(1973) Aerosmith

   01-Make It
   03-Dream On
   04-One Way Street
   05-Mama Kin
   06-Write Me
   07-Movin' Out
   08-Walkin' The Dog

(1974) Get your Wings

   01-Same old Song and dance
   02-Lord of the thighs
   04-Woman of the world
   05-S.O.S. (Too bad)
   06-Train kept a rollin'
   07-Seasons of wither
   08-Pandora's Box

(1975) Toys In The Attic

   01-Toys In The Attic
   02-Uncle Salty
   03-Adam's Apple
   04-Walk This Way
   05-Big Ten Inch Record
   06-Sweet Emotion
   07-No More No More
   08-Round And Round
   09-You See Me Crying

(1976) Rocks

   01-Back In The Saddle
   02-Last Child
   03-Rats In The Cellar
   05-Sick As A Dog
   06-Nobody's Fault
   07-Get The Lead Out
   08-Lick And A Promise
   09-Home Tonight

(1977) Draw The Line

   01-Draw The Line
   02-I Wanna Know Why
   03-Critical Mass
   04-Get It Up
   06-Kings And Queens
   07-The Hand That Feeds
   08-Sight For Sore Eyes
   09-Milk Cow Blues

(1978) Live Bootleg

   01-Back In The Saddle
   02-Sweet Emotion
   03-Lord Of The Thighs
   04-Toys In The Attic
   05-Last Child
   06-Come Together
   07-Walk This Way
   08-Sick As A Dog
   09-Dream On
   10-Chip Away The Stone
   11-Sight For Sore Eyes
   12-Mama Kin
   14-I Ain't Got You
   15-Mother Popcorn _ Draw The Line
   16-Train Kept A Rollin'

(1979) Night In The Ruts

   01-No Surprize
   03-Remember (Walking In The Sand)
   04-Cheese Cake
   05-Three Mile Smile
   06-Reefer Head Woman
   07-Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
   08-Think About It

(1980) Greatest Hits

   01-Dream On
   02-Same old Song and dance
   04-Walk This Way
   05-Last Child
   06-Back In The Saddle
   07-Draw The Line
   08-Kings And Queens
   09-Come Together
   10-Remember (Walking In The Sand)

(1982) Rock In A Hard Place

   02-Lightning Strikes
   03-Bitch's Brew
   04-Bilivian Ragamuffin
   05-Cry Me A River
   06-Prelude To Joanie
   07-Joanie's Butterfly
   08-Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)
   09-Jig Is Up
   10-Push Comes To Shove

(1985) Done With Mirrors

   01-Let The Music Do The Talking
   02-My Fist Your Face
   03-Shame On You
   04-The Reason A Dog
   06-Gypsy Boots
   07-She's On Fire
   08-The Hop

(1986) Classics live complete

   01-Train kept a rollin'
   02-Kings and queens
   03-Sweet emotion
   04-Dream on
   05-Mamma kin
   06-Three mile smile_ Reefer head woman
   07-Lord of the thighs
   08-Major barbra
   09-Back in the saddle
   10-Walk this way
   11-Movin' out
   12-Draw the line
   13-Same old song and dance
   14-Last child
   15-Let the music do the talking
   16-Toys in the attic

(1987) Permanent Vacation

   01-Heart's Done Time
   02-Magic Touch
   03-Rag Doll
   05-Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
   06-St. John
   07-Hangman Jury
   08-Girl Keeps Coming Apart
   10-Permanent Vacation
   11-I'm Down
   12-The Movie

(1988) Gems

   01-Rats In The Cellar
   02-Lick And A Promise
   03-Chip Away The Stone
   04-No Surprize
   05-Mama Kin
   06-Adam's Apple
   07-Nobody's Fault
   08-Round And Round
   09-Critical Mass
   10-Lord Of The Thighs
   12-Train Kept A Rollin'

(1989) Pump

   01-Young lust
   03-Going down_Love in an elevator
   04-Monkey on my back
   05-Water song_Janie's got a gun
   06-Dulcimer stomp_The other side
   07-My girl
   08-Don't get mad, get even
   09-Hoodoo_Voodo medicine man
   10-What it takes

(1991) Pandora´s box (3CD)

      01-When I Need You
      02-Make It
      03-Movin' Out
      04-One Way Street
      05-On The Road Again
      06-Mama Kin
      07-Same Old Song And Dance
      08-Train Kept A Rollin'
      09-Seasons Of Wither
      10-Write Me A Letter
      11-Dream On
      12-Pandora's Box
      13-Rattkesnake Shake
      14-Walkin' The Dog
      15-Lord Of The Thighs

      01-Toys In The Attic
      02-Round And Round
      04-You See Me Crying
      05-Swee Emotion
      06-No More No More
      07-Walk This Way
      08-I Wanna Know Why
      09-Big Ten Inch Record
      10-Rats In The Cellar
      11-Last Child
      12-All Your Love
      13-Soul Saver
      14-Nobody's Fault
      15-Lick And A Promise
      16-Adam's Apple
      17-Draw The Line
      18-Critical Mass

      01-Kings And Queens
      02-Milkcow Blues
      03-I Live In Connecticut
      04-Three Mile Smile
      05-Let It Slide
      06-Cheese Cake
      07-Bone To Bone (Coney Island White Fish Boy)
      08-No Surprize
      09-Come Together
      10-Downtown Charlie
      12-Shit House Shuffle
      13-South Station Blues
      14-Riff & Roll
      16-Major Barbara
      17-Chip Away The Stone
      18-Helter Skelter
      19-Back In The Saddle

(1993) Get A Grip

   02-Eat The Rich
   03-Get A Grip
   05-Livin' On The Edge
   07-Walk On Down
   08-Shu Up And Dance
   10-Gotta Love It
   12-Line Up
   13-Can't Stop Messin'
   15-Boogie Man

(1994) Big Ones

   01-Walk on Water
   02-Love in an elevator
   03-Rag doll
   04-What it takes
   05-Dude (looks like a lady)
   06-Janie´s got a gun
   09-Blind man
   10-Deuces are wild
   11-The other side
   13-Eat the rich
   15-Livin´ on the edge
   16-Dude (looks like a lady) live

(1997) Nine Lives

   01-Nine Lives
   02-Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
   03-Hole In My Soul
   04-Taste Of India
   05-Full Circle
   06-Something's Gotta Give
   07-Ain't That A Bitch
   08-The Farm
   10-Kiss Your Past Good-bye
   12-Falling Off
   13-Attitude Adjustment
   14-Fallen Angels

(1998) A Little South of Sanity (2CD)

      01-Eat The Rich
      02-Love In An Elevator
      03-Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
      04-Same Old Song And Dance
      05-Hole In My Soul
      06-Monkey On My Back
      07-Livin' On The Edge
      09-Rag Doll
      11-Janie's Got A Gun

      01-Back In The Saddle
      02-Last Child
      03-The Other Side
      04-Walk On Down
      05-Dream On
      07-Mama Kin
      08-Walk This Way
      09-Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
      10-What It Takes
      11-Sweet Emotion

(2001) Just Push Play

   01-Beyond Beautiful
   02-Just Push Play
   04-Fly Away From Here
   05-Trip Hoppin'
   07-Under My Skin
   08-Luv Lies
   09-Outta Your Head
   10-Drop Dead Gorgeous
   11-Light Inside
   12-Avant Garden

(2002) Oh Yeah - Ultimate Aerosmith Hits (2CD)

      01 - Mama Kin
      02 - Dream On
      03 - Same Old Song & Dance
      04 - Seasons Of Wither
      05 - Walk This Way
      06 - Big Ten Inch Record
      07 - Sweet Emotion
      08 - Last Child
      09 - Back In The Saddle
      10 - Draw The Line
      11 - Dude Looks Like A Lady
      12 - Angel
      13 - Rag Doll
      14 - Janie's Got A Gun
      15 - Love In An Elevator
      16 - What It Takes

      01 - The Other Side
      02 - Livin' On The Edge
      03 - Cryin'
      04 - Amazing
      05 - Deuces Are Wild
      06 - Crazy
      07 - Falling In Love (Is Hard On your knees)
      08 - Pink (South Beach Mix)
      09 - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
      10 - Jaded
      11 - Just Push Play (Radio Remix)
      12 - Walk This Way (Run DMC & Aerosmith)
      13 - Girls Of Summer
      14 - Lay It Down
      15 - Come Together (Bonus Track)
      16 - Theme From Spiderman (Bonus Track)
      17 - Toys In The Attic (Bonus Track)

(2004) Honkin On Bobo

   01-Road Runner
   02-Shame, Shame, Shame
   03-Eyesight To The Blind
   04-Baby, Please Don't Go
   05-Never Loved A Girl
   06-Back Back Train
   07-You Gotta Move
   08-The Grind
   09-I'm Ready
   11-Stop Messin' Around
   12-Jesus Is On The Mainline

(2004) You Gotta Move DVDA

   01-Pre show
   02-Toys in the attic
   03-Love in an elevator
   04-Studio part 1
   05-Road runner
   06-Studio part 2
   07-Baby please dont go
   08-John Bionelli
   11-The other side
   12-Jim Survis
   13-Back in the saddle
   14-Draw the line
   16-Dream on
   17-Radio apparences
   18-Stop messin around
   20-David Morton
   21-I don't want to miss a thing
   22-On the bus
   23-Sweet emotion
   24-The album
   25-Never loved a girl
   26-Walk this way
   27-Train kept a rollin
   29-Fever (bonus)
   30-Rats in the cellar (bonus)
   31-Livin on the edge (bonus)
   32-Last child (bonus)
   33-Same old song and dance (bonus)
   34-Making of honkin on bobo

Nunca lançado em álbuns

   Amazing (orquestal)
   Angel's Eye
   Blind Man
   Buried Alive [Pump Outtake]
   Come Together
   Crazy (acustico)
   Crazy (orquestal)
   Deuces Are Wild
   Dude (Looks Like A Lady) - Live
   Flesh (Live)
   Girls Of Summer
   Guilty Kilt
   Head First
   Hollywood [Permanent Vacation Demo]
   I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (live)
   I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
   Is Anybody Out There [Demo - Unwired]
   Line Up (Smokey bar mix)
   Livin' on the Edge (demo)
   Mama Kin [Live feat. Guns N Roses]
   Once Is Enough [Permanent Vacation Demo]
   pink (live on z100)
   Right Key, Wrong Key Hole [Permanent Vacation Demo]
   Samurai [Permanent Vacation Demo]
   Sedona Sunrise [Pump Demo]
   Walk On Water
   Walk this Way [Live feat. Bon Jovi]
   Walk this Way [Live feat. Jimmy Page]
   Wayne's World Theme
   What Kind Of Love Are You On
   Won't Let You Down
   Run DMC [with Aerosmith] - Walk THis Way

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